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G. Christianson Construction receives Sustainable Business of the Year award

G. Christianson Construction

G. Christianson Construction receives the Sustainable Business of the Year award at Celebrate Corvallis 2022, hosted by the Corvallis Chamber of Commerce. Read below for more information as to why G. Christianson Construction received this award.

Both of G. Christianson Construction’s operating buildings, office & cabinet manufacturing, have large solar arrays that allow all company operations to be run by solar power for large portions of the year, staying off the grid for the summer and well into the fall season. The cabinetry manufacturing process includes using local products that are as formaldehyde-free as possible without sacrificing quality for the clients of the business. The cabinetry manufacturing process also includes a state-of-the-art paint booth that controls the toxic air of the lacquer spraying process, to protect their employees. G. Christianson Construction is an award-winning Earth Advantage Builder, and in 2017, built in the first Passive House in Corvallis, which is owned by G. Christianson’s company owner, Carl Christianson. In addition to the sustainability-focused efforts the G. Christianson Construction is making with their business operations, the company also donates to local charities, most recently, donating thousands of dollars in labor to build Tiny Homes for the homeless, which are built with the ability for future solar panels. One of the more recent donations was to aid the installation of solar panels on the Old Mill Center for Children and Families. The company often offers solar panel installation as a part of their remodeling contract work with a lower markup cost on this portion of work, in order to incentivize their clients to install a solar panel array. Brochures that offer energy-efficient construction practice ideas are passed out to every new client the employees meet with. Existing materials used in remodeling jobs are donated to Habitat for Humanity — up 90%. G. Christianson has also pioneered a lumber-recycling program with Habitat for Humanity. G. Christianson deserves this award, and in addition, is a great local business with over 80 google reviews to attest to their quality service.

A few messages from past clients in regards to this award are included below:

“You and your firm are so deserving of this award. I wish I could have been there to congratulate you in person!” – Cindy D.

“Congrats to everyone in your shop on receiving the Sustainable Business award! Good work!” – Jo T.



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